Scientific Studies

BRAIN PILL’s Clinical Study Results Are In
Offering PROOF That It Significantly Improves
The Ability to Learn, Focus and Concentrate
Giving You Superior Mental Performance

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Brain Pill is one of the only Nootropic supplement brands that has gone through the trouble of running a clinical study on its formulation.

The study was performed with 74 participants ranging from age 18-60 over a 12 week time period. It was a double-blind, placebo-controlled study which is the gold standard of medical research.

This study included rigorous tests for attention, concentration, problem solving and memory.

Here’s the crazy part: at the end of the 12 weeks, every participant using Brain Pill had a significant increase in cognitive functions.

The participants of the study reported:

◦ An improved ability to learn
◦ An increased ability to focus and concentrate
◦ An improved ability to retain information
◦ And Decreased forgetfulness

It’s the Truth The Scientific
Community Loves this Formula!

Bacopa Monnieri improves learning by almost 50%!

A mind-blowing study was presented at the International Brain Research Conference… This study reported user who consumed bacopa regularly… reduced their learning time by almost 50%!  Another study making noise out of an Australian university proved that bacopa improves memory… and increases recall abilities.  Bacopa has been proven over and over to be a superior cognitive enhancer.

Ginkgo Biloba improves short term memory in just 1 hour!

It’s well documented that Ginkgo Biloba helps improve blood circulation to the brain. 

But researchers were shocked during an experiment with 80 healthy women from Germany who were taking Ginkgo…

Because their short-term memory greatly improved… 

Only 1 hour after taking the supplement! 

Another studied showed over 200 victims of an age-related mental disease… improved their mental performance just 6 months of taking Ginkgo Biloba.

Harvard Confirms: Cognizin Increases Brain Energy by 14%

Cognizin was thrown under the scrutinous spotlight of a Harvard research study… revealing many surprising results.

The study was conducted at MCLean Hospital in Boston with middle-aged participants. 

Cognizin showed improved cognitive function and increased brain energy by a whopping 14%!

Study Reveals Huperzine Improves Learning, Memory and Concentration

The Georgetown Institute of Cognitive Science performed a study to see if Huperzine had any cognitive benefits. 

The results of this study were astonishing… 

Huperzine was proven effective to improve memory, learning and concentration…

Even in folks suffering from memory loss.

Worldwide research confirms Vinpocetine enhances memory and prolongs brain health

Studies around the world have compiled a staggering amount of evidence confirming the cognitive enhancing benefits of Vinpocetine.

This Neurosurgeons exciting memory discovery hidden in DHA

A neurosurgeon discovered that DHA improves memory… and can protect your brain from cognitive decline. 

DHA has also been researched extensively for its memory improving capabilities.

University of Oxford reports Vitamin B12 essential for healthy brain function.

Did you know that an insufficient amount of vitamin B12 could cause horrendous memory-loss? [33]

According to the prestigious University of Oxford… without vitamin B12 our brains couldn’t function. 

Mountains of evidence claim vitamin B-12 is key for ideal brain function. [34]

The Ultimate Brain Defender: Folic Acid Proven to Maintain Mental Health

A report from the University of Maryland claims folic acid helps maintain mental health. 

And that’s not surprising because folic acid is essential for your brain to function. 

Research has also shown combining folic acid with other B-vitamins helps maintain brain health as we age. [42]

Fascinating Study in Neurochemistry Reports Major Win for L-Theanine

Research has shown l-theanine can boost mood and increase a feeling of relaxation. [43]

Increased mental performance has also been a benefit of taking l-theanine. 

Some studies have reported a decrease in test errors. [10]

Another study in neurochemistry… showed memory and learning abilities improved after participants took l-theanine.

The Brain Energy “Miracle” called Pantothenic Acid

Many people take pantothenic acid to help improve attention and focus. 

It’s an essential part of generating energy in your brain [39]

A study conducted in 2018 revealed pantothenic acid helped patients with cognitive impairment. [40]

Perform Better and Protect Your Brain from Mental Decline with B-Vitamins & DHA

DHA is a type of Omega-3 fat that’s important for healthy brain function. [37]

And scientific studies have proven that taking B-vitamins with DHA increases mental performance and helps protect your brain from cognitive decline.

Harvard doctors declare phosphatidylserine (PS) enhances cognitive function

Dharma Sing Khalsa, M.D., of Harvard Medical School declares PS improves short-term, memory and concentration. 

The National Institute for Mental Health also confirms these amazing findings.